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ESUM BROW GROOMING SET: The essential tools for trimming, shaping and grooming brows. Set includes: 

ESUM PRO DETAILING SCISSORS: Stainless steel squeeze scissors crafted with short, hand filed blades to expertly trim brows and false lashes. The squeeze handle allows for an effortless and ergonomical grip. Total Length: 128 mm. 

ESUM SLANT TIP TWEEZERS: Stainless steel, classic angled slant tip tweezers designed for shaping and grooming eyebrows. The handle tension and tip alignment are crafted for grabbing even the smallest to finest hair with ease. Total Length: 97 mm. 

ESUM N17 BROW GROOM MAKEUP BRUSH: This brush is made of stiff nylon hair, designed to perfectly create a spray and/or splatter of color to emulate the natural look of skin. The thumb or finger fits nicely on bristles to create a perfect splatter effect. This brush is also great for carefully brushing in hair whiteners and streaks in mustaches, beards, hair, and wigs.