Starter Brush Set - 6pc


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ESUM Starter Brush Set: The makeup brush basics for eyeshadow, liner, camouflage, powder and blush. Ideal for the beginner.

This 6-pc brush set includes:

  1. ESUM T07 Angle Liner Brush
  2. ESUM W23 Medium Filbert Shader Brush
  3. ESUM V33 Medium Round Eye Contour Brush
  4. ESUM T41 Concealer Brush
  5. ESUM V49 Large Powder Brush
  6. ESUM X52 Tapered Contour & Highlight Brush

ESUM Makeup Brushes are a premium collection of professional tools relied upon by makeup artists and coveted by beauty mavens. Our range of brush styles offers variation in shape, size and hair texture for eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyebrows, foundation, contouring, blush and powder. From natural hair to synthetic vegan fibers each hair type is chosen for the ideal lay-down of makeup to support all professional makeup mediums, including cream, gel, liquid, powder and wax. Each brush is handmade and features eco-friendly cured birch handles with platinum bowed brass ferrules. ESUM Brushes are available at professional makeup stores and salons worldwide.