Our Brushes

A comprehensive range of brush shapes and sizes allow for customization from need to fit.

ESUM Brushes are designed with ethically sourced natural hair to man-made materials that expertly work with all makeup mediums for the ideal lay-down of pigment. Each brush is ergonomically scaled ensuring comfort in hand and optimum performance. ESUM brushes are uniquely handcrafted from both eco-responsible, cured birch wood handles and platinum bowed brass ferrules for maximum brush integrity.

detailing, eye, and face makeup brushes

Anatomy of a Brush

ESUM Brushes are hand-crafted from premium, first-cut textures. Ethically sourced hair or synthetic fibers are gathered, shaped and scaled into classic brush shapes for a professional selection.

• Natural to synthetic premium hair
• Diverse shapes, size and texture

large dome diffuser brush head

The ferrule connects the brush head to the handle. It is a platinum-rolled brass which ensures the shape of the brush head as well as creates a balance of weight in the brush between the head and the handle. Consumer quality brushes typically use an aluminum ferrule to reduce cost and weight.

• Platinum-rolled brass metal
• Ensures brush shape

large dome diffuser brush ferrule

Eco-responsible birch wood has been treated with oil. This allows the handle to expand and contract when wet without affecting it’s integrity. Each handle has been designed with a knuckle for a balanced and comfortable grip.

• Cured birch wood
• Ergonomically designed

large dome diffuser brush handle

Brush Hair Types

natural brush hair

Natural hair

Natural hair is chosen based on its texture. The hair cuticle creates the texture and changes the hair’s ability to pickup and lay down makeup.
• A LARGER cuticle delivers a full application
• A SMALLER cuticle delivers a sheer to medium application

synthetic brush hair

Synthetic hair

Synthetic hair is a man-made fiber and has no cuticle. There are two textures of synthetic hair created for makeup:
• Vegan alternative

S - Soft Goat

Coverage: Sheer | Medium: Powder

A soft and delicate texture, ideal for diffused eye contouring and highlight.

medium tapered eye contour brush

X - Extra Fine Goat

Coverage: Sheer to Medium | Medium: Powder

A rare, luxe texture perfect for light surface applications of powder and bronzer.

large round powder brush

G - Goat

Coverage: Medium | Medium: Powder

A soft and elastic texture ideal for shadow and blush.

medium shadow brush

W - Weasel / Sable

Coverage: Medium to Full | Medium: All Mediums

An elastic and durable texture ideal for controlled applications from shadow and liner to lips.

medium filbert shader brush

B - Badger

Coverage: Medium to Full | Medium: Wax & Powder

A coarse and durable texture perfect for the ultimate brow brush.

angle brow brush

T - Taklon

Coverage: Sheer to Full | Medium: Cream & Liquid

A smooth, firm synthetic fiber ideal for liquid, cream and gel mediums.

cream foundation brush

V - Vexlon

Coverage: Sheer to Medium | Medium: Powder

A ultra soft synthetic fiber ideal for powder products.

angle blush brush