Our Story

Introduced in 2011, ESUM Cosmetics offers a curated collection for the professional makeup artist and makeup enthusiast.

alphonse applying makeup on model

ESUM Cosmetics was visioned in 2011 when seasoned makeup artist, Alphonse Wiebelt, recognized a need in the professional makeup industry when it came to practicality in design, versatility in formulation, and responsible, eco-friendly packaging. While many brands have a tendency to focus on trending fads, ESUM embodies the meaning of modern, intentional, and PRO-formance-infused makeup. We are committed to finding solutions for the ever-changing needs of the artist and end-user while staying true to our core values. ESUM takes pride in creating with intention in lieu of excess.


lip pencil applied on model

Never out of style - in a fast-paced industry with ever-changing trends and techniques, ESUM embraces a future-forward mindset. Modernity is the powerhouse behind ESUM’s approach to both formulation and development. By utilizing Wiebelt’s vast and versatile experience in the beauty world, all of our designs are needs-based and crafted to add a level of convenience to the typical application process. Equipped with a history of accurately predicting the next big thing, we strive to set the standard for performance-focused products.


brush applying makeup on model

The art is in the details. From our choice of brush hairs to our custom-designed palettes, every feature is methodically thought through and intentionally placed to best serve the user. All ESUM products are solution-oriented, intended to add a level of ease and elevate your artistry to the next level. Whether you’re a professional makeup artist yearning for a brush to master a winged liner on a client, or a self-taught enthusiast who loves to experiment with your own features, our comprehensive range of brush shapes and sizes allows for customization from a need to fit. The difference is in the design.


pro kit makeup bag

Reflecting on beauty in a modern world, our mission is to develop lux formulations without sacrificing integrity. Our products are manufactured by EU standards, meaning we operate off of a strict, constantly evolving list of safe, non-toxic ingredients to ensure we’re only providing the best combinations of components.

Through art and science, each product goes through clinical testing for formula integrity and skin sensitization, followed by rounds of scrutinous testing to guarantee only the best in wearability, application, shade range, and functionality. The proof is in the PRO-formance!