Pro Finishing Sponge S/2


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ESUM PRO FINISHING SPONGE S/2: This professional sponge is the ultimate all-in-one makeup tool that can be used wet or dry. A multi-faceted makeup sponge with two flat sides, two sculpting wedges, an oval bottom, and a precision tip. One side is flocked for buffing and setting makeup under the eyes, and the other is a suede-textured sponge mimicking skin for the most natural application of foundation and cream products. Washable and reusable. Set of 2 sponges.

• Multi-faceted makeup sponge
• Applies, blends, & buffs makeup
• Use with liquid, cream, or powder
• Washable for reuse
• Latex-free
• Set of 2

Use the makeup sponge dry to maximize the coverage of the makeup formulas or damp to sheer out water-based foundations. The flocked white side is perfect for press/set powder or buff out powder makeup. The black side is ideal for applying cream and liquid mediums.


  • Wash by hand with a gentle face cleanser
  • Let air dry before use