Pro Finishing Puff S/3


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ESUM PRO FINISHING PUFF S/3: Square puffs with softly rounded corners afford versatility to fit all contours of the face. Soft 100% micro-fiber cotton velour sets makeup without leaving a detected imprint while a wide satin ribbon provides a more secure fit for fingers. Machine washer and dryer safe. 3.25 square inch.

First apply setting powder with a makeup brush. Next, wrap the Pro Finishing Puff around one to two fingers to press and roll the powder into the foundation. Pressing setting powder into the foundation will help to bind the layers together for the best longevity of makeup. The soft corners of the puff fit perfectly around the nose and eyes allowing for all makeup to be set in place. ESUM Pro Finishing Puffs can be washed for re-use, making them sanitary and environmentally friendly. Wash by hand or collect in a laundry bag to be washed on a gentle cycle.