How To Properly Sanitize Your Brushes

How To Properly Sanitize Your Brushes

Posted by Samantha Troy on May 30th 2023

Never underestimate the importance of sanitizing & storing your brushes!

Extend the longevity of your brush life with three easy steps!

brush cleaner duo

Cleaning your makeup brushes thoroughly is essential to maintaining good skin health and a clean makeup application. There are two ways to properly care for your brushes. For in-between color changes or clients, we recommend cleansing with the Gentle Brush Cleaner between uses to avoid any unwanted color transfer! It's a healthy habit to get into the cadence of cleaning your brushes between uses to prevent breakouts, protect your skin, and kill off harmful bacteria. The Gentle Brush Cleanser is here to simplify things and calm the senses with the warm alluring scent of Sandalwood, Bois De Rose & Myrtle!

For a deeper clean, we recommend deep washing or shampooing weekly. If you’re a professional makeup artist, make sure you’re doing this at the end of each project/client. We recommend using a solid brush soap with warm water designed for professional care of fine makeup brushes like the Cleanse & Release Brush Soap by Rebels & Outlaws!

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STEP 1: DISPENSE CLEANER: Brushes should always be washed thoroughly. For in-between care, start by spraying 2-3 pumps of the Gentle Brush Cleanser onto a paper towel. This is a professional cleanser spray designed to gently and effectively remove all residual makeup, and sanitize without destroying or drying fine makeup brushes.

Note: It is professionally recommended not to spray the brush heads directly, to ensure the integrity of the brush construction.

cleaning a makeup brush

STEP 2: WIPE BRUSH: Wipe the brush head across or over the paper towel, gently rolling out any excess product. Repeat is required. The natural grain alcohol base will help to destroy bacteria and germs, as a complex of Panthenol and Glycerin leaves natural hair brushes ph-balanced and conditioned. A hybrid of cleansers and conditioners makes this formula safe and gentle to use in-between makeup applications!

brush cleaner, makeup brushes, and eyeshadow palette

STEP 3: AIR DRY: This is a quick-drying formula and brushes will usually dry within a min. Let your brushes air dry by placing them on a paper towel and letting them rest to dry. The lasting, warm aroma of Sandalwood adds a calming effect as it doubles with natural antibacterial properties. Ideal for both natural and synthetic makeup brushes!

*Disclaimer: For professional jobs, make sure you’re cleaning your brushes with a solid brush soap between clients.