Pro Dual Pencil Sharpener


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ESUM DUAL PENCIL SHARPENER - A universal sharpener designed to give a clean and precise shaving for eye, lip or face pencils.  Designed with a premium stainless steel blade this sharpener works with wood and plastic pencil barrels. The pencil tip former within the sharpener allows for an exact pointed tip or a soft rounded tip. The sharpener features one hole for traditional size pencils and a second hole for chubby sized pencils with a removable ring adaptor to adjust to pencil circumference. A precision cleaning pick is included to clear shavings from the blade. All features are encased in a snug yet removable cover to contain shavings. 

  • Universal sharpener
  • Multi-purpose holes for traditional and larger size pencils
  • Removable ring adaptors to adjust circumference
  • Cleaning pick
  • Made in Ireland
  • Removable cover to contain shavings
  • PRO TIP: Replace pencil sharpeners yearly for a sharp blade.

For a precise pointed pencil shape, gently push the tip former knob downward. For a soft rounded pencil shape, click tip former back in place. Replace pencil sharpener with each new pencil to ensure a sharp blade.