G29 - All Over Shadow Brush

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ESUM G29 - All Over Shadow Brush: A medium, oval-domed, fluffy brush perfect for shading and blending eye makeup. This professional brush is hand-crafted with soft goat hair, ideal for powder mediums.

ESUM makeup brushes are a premium collection of professional tools relied upon by makeup artists and coveted by beauty connoisseurs. Each brush is hand-made, ethically crafted, and responsibly sourced for the tradition of fine brushwork. This brush is hand-shaped and tied to perfection with natural hair from the by-products of the food and trade industry. The handle is ergonomically scaled, ensuring comfort and performance with handles crafted from eco-responsible cured birch wood and affixed to a hand-rolled platinum bow brass ferrule.

  • Eyeshadow & blending brush
  • Use with powder makeup
  • A fluffy oval-domed shape
  • Hand-crafted of natural hair, birch handle, brass ferrule
  • Hair length 16 mm, full length 176 mm, diameter 17 mm

Gently press and buff eyeshadow or powder makeup over the eye area.


  • In between applications, use the ESUM Gentle Brush Cleaner. Spray two pumps onto a tissue and wipe over the brush head until the makeup is removed. Let air dry thoroughly before use. Repeat as needed. Do not spray brush directly or soak.
  • Deep wash, use warm water and a gentle brush soap for a thorough shampoo. Rinse well, gently press out water, and groom brush head back into shape. Lay flat to air dry overnight. Do not blow dry.