N17 - Brow Grooming Brush

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ESUM N17 - Brow Grooming Brush: This brush is designed with stiff nylon fibers, ideal for grooming eyebrows. It is also designed for brushing whiteners and streaks into facial hair and wigs. This professional tool doubles to create the technique of color splatter. Vegan.

ESUM makeup brushes are a premium collection of professional tools relied upon by makeup artists and coveted by beauty connoisseurs. Each brush is hand-made, ethically crafted, and responsibly sourced for the tradition of fine brushwork. This brush is hand-shaped and tied to perfection with synthetic vegan fibers. The handle is ergonomically scaled, ensuring comfort and performance with handles crafted from eco-responsible cured birch wood and affixed to a hand-rolled platinum bow brass ferrule.

  • Brow grooming & detailing brush
  • Use with powder, cream, & liquid makeup
  • Hand-crafted of synthetic hair & birch handle
  • Hair length 23 mm, full length 178 mm, diameter 10 mm
  • Vegan

Brush through brows, facial hair, or flyaways.


  • In between applications, use the ESUM Gentle Brush Cleaner. Spray two pumps onto a tissue and wipe over the brush head until the makeup is removed. Let air dry thoroughly before use. Repeat as needed. Do not spray brush directly or soak.
  • Deep wash, use warm water and a gentle brush soap for a thorough shampoo. Rinse well, gently press out water, and groom brush head back into shape. Lay flat to air dry overnight. Do not blow dry.